ARTE – Consulting of the press department




The cultural TV station ARTE was born out of a German-French agreement. More than 25 years ago a utopia became reality. Always in search of new trends, ARTE has taken a firm place in the European media landscape.
Press and public relations have changed significantly in these years. Which essentials does a contemporary job description of the press officer have to pay attention to? Which requirements does the position imply? Which tools need to facilitate the work?

To answer these questions, the consulting agency FLYING EYE asked me to analyze documents such as job descriptions, workflows and organizational charts. With the help of guided interviews and workshops, I delved deeper into the daily work of press officers in order to describe their activities and their interactions. Concurrently, we researched their tools and the main work processes. Based on the findings, I recommended next steps for possible changes. Engaging in individual and group coachings, I guided and supported employees through the change, highlighting time management and agile enterprise.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash